Friday, December 30

Barry M Haul!

Hello Beauties!

I think I've had enough of a break now after a lovely quiet Christmas, so I thought make a comeback today to show you a few Barry M things I bought this morning, along with some I got in my stocking :)

Barry M Haul

Nail Paints - Gold Shatter (321), Silver Glitter (Limited Edition), Gold Foil Effects (320) and Silver Foil Effects (319).       Lip Paints - Touch of Magic and Pale Nude (154)

I wasn't really meant to be buying anything, just going to the opticians, but Gold Foil was on my Christmas wishlist so I couldn't really resist, could I?!


The gold crackle and silver foil were gifts from Santa, and the gold foil was one of my purchases this morning. Boots are still giving away this Limited Edition silver glitter nail paint when you buy 2 Barry M products, so I of course took advantage of this deal! I love the consistency of the Barry M nail paints, as they are so easy to apply smoothly and quickly, but I am worried about the crackle one. They do go really gloopy fairly quickly don't they? My black crackle is in such a state!

And so onto the lip paints...

Touch of Magic has been on my wish list for a while, and I'm so glad Santa finally brought it to me! It's so moisturising as it's packed with aloe vera and castor seed oil, but I'm afraid the same can't be said for the Pale Nude I bought this morning. As you can see from the photos below, my lips aren't in the best state at the moment, even though I prepped them with my Body Shop Lip Scuff and a good smear of Carmex. I do like the shade, and would wear it on a night out with really 'done' dark eyes and statement lashes.

 Now, what shades should I put on my wish list next? :p  As I sit here, at this very moment, I have a MUA package sitting beside me, which I have been very studiously ignoring until I have the time to give it the attention it deserves! Look out for a post on it soon :)

Hope you all had wonderful Christmases and are ready for a unforgettable New Years <3

Lots of Love,
Krystyna x

Sunday, December 11

An Explanation

Hi Beauties!

I'm really sorry I've been away for so long, and I want to explain why that is. The truth is that I suffer from depression. I haven't had a really bad spell since I started receiving treatment for it 4 years ago, but recently I've begun to feel worse, and I've found it difficult to summon up the energy to do much of anything.

Luckily I have a really supportive family and group of friends, and I'm seeing my doctor, so I hope this will pass soon and I can get back to normal :). I don't want to bring anyone down - it's too close to Christmas to be sad! So I hope you're all well and enjoying the festive cheer <3

Lots of Love, 
Krystyna x

Sunday, December 4


Evening Beauties!

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Actual posts later <3

Lots of Love,
Krystyna x

Friday, December 2

NOTD 2: Winter Moon, Gone Gonzo! and Disco Ball

Evening Beauties!

Meet my new nails; I got too annoyed with the ratty finish on the ones I did last night :p. These are much better, with 3 coats of 'Winter Moon' by Boots Natural Collection and 2 coats of OPI Muppets 'Gone Gonzo!' on a statement nail, all lovingly topped off with a coat of Disco Ball by Rimmel London. Very seasonably appropriate :)

How have your days been?

Lots of Love,
Krystyna x

Thursday, December 1

NOTD: Plum Attraction and gold glitter

Morning Beauties,

Just a quick post on the colours I applied last night, Revlon Nail Enamel in 762 Plum Attraction and Saffron Nail Polish in 08.

I am atrocious at painting my nails! The polish goes everywhere... anyone got any tips to improve this?

Also, whilst I love the effect it gives, this gold glitter polish is something I will not be repurchasing as it takes a stupidly long time to dry. Can anyone recommend an alternative?

Lots of Love,
Krystyna x

Brush Bath!

Hi Beauties!

Possible TMI coming up, but I am feeling rotten today: PMS + UTI = serious aches and pains. So I left college early and had a nice long bath :) That pampering made me feel guilty about the state of my room - I currently have a flourishing floordrobe - and whilst looking around in despair I spotted this little gem.

Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser (£10.50)

I bought this ages ago, with my two brushes, but hadn't got round to using it (sheer laziness :p). So I gathered up all of my brushes, took a shaming photo for y'all and got lathering!


An amazing transformation, particularly for my blusher and bronzer brushes which were, quite frankly, a disgrace. The colour of the foam on my hand showed that! There was one casualty; an eyeshadow sponge from a cheap set fell apart, but other than that, everything was fine :).

The shampoo is clear and has a faint minty scent. It rinses away really easily and also only needs one wash to clean thoroughly which I was impressed by. Now I'm really looking forward to doing my make-up tomorrow morning!

How often do you clean your brushes?

Lots of Love,
Krystyna x

Wednesday, November 30

Everyday Face

Evening Beauties!

I was feeling really brave/stupid this morning so I thought I'd show you my everyday make-up look, even though I am possibly THE most unphotogenic person in the world lol :/. 

Prepare yourself for some shockers...

Everyday Face

 So, this is me, fresh out the shower, with just Good Things Miracle Mattifier Lotion (£7.99, Boots) and Carmex (£2.69). Now clearly the moisturiser is not right for my skin at the moment; I think I picked the wrong time to switch, just as all the heating comes on and the wind gets harsher, so I will be putting this back in the drawer until it gets warmer again.

My base:

Clarins Flash Balm (£27.50), 
Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Foundation (£22.00), 
Benefit Lemon Aid (£16.50), 
Rimmel London Silky Loose Powder applied with Bobbi Brown Powder Brush (£47.00), 
Benefit thrrrob (£23.50) applied with Bobbi Brown Face Blender Brush (£33.00),
more Carmex
and Smashbox O-Plump (£20.00). 


The Body Shop Carbon Eye Definer in Black (£9.00),
YSL Exaggerated Lashes Mascara in Deep Black (£22.00)
and spare mascara wand from an ancient set :)!

I like simple eyes for everyday, with natural looking lashes, so I always wiggle the spare wand through them to make sure they're well-defined.


All done. What's your everyday make-up look?

Lots of Love,
Krystyna x

Tuesday, November 29

NOTD: Rainbow Connection

Hi Beauties!

Happy Tuesday!

OPI Muppets Rainbow Connection, stage by stage application:

First Coat

Second Coat

Thid Coat (without flash so the colours show up better)

Lots of Love,
Krystyna x

Monday, November 28

Things We Do For Beauty...

Happy Monday Beauties!

Ok, call me crazy, but I had to share this with you as the results were so amazing: basically, I slept with a plastic bag on my head last night. No, not just for kicks! It was there to cover up the hair mask I had on of course :)

So, being the lazy lump I am, I hadn't washed my hair at all at the weekend, and it looked baaaaad. Come Sunday night, I felt disgusting and just had to hop in the shower, where I was faced with a dilemma (my life is so hard right? :p). I usually wash my hair every day because it gets so greasy and knew that if I washed my hair then, I'd still have to do it the next morning in order to not scare the whole college witless! But washing it twice so quickly would surely be bad for it? That left my other option of just giving it a good rinse, which I didn't want to do because it might still smell and I'd just changed my bed sheets :(

Then, a revelation; I spotted out of the corner of my eye a shiny orange tub full of promises (and a gorgeously scented treatment).

Herbal Essences Smooth & Soft Intensive Mask
£3.99 for 200ml from Sainsburys

I usually use the Beautiful Ends Mask from the same range, or Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long Deep Treatment, but I'd bought this when they were on offer in Sainsburys and felt that now was the time to break it out. Opening it, I was immediately in love with the citrus scent, so scooped up a handful of coral goo to massage into my poor hair. It's not too runny, as some conditioners can be, but it isn't as stiff as Aussie's treatment either, and really did feel like liquid satin once applied.

Normally, I'd leave a mask on for a bit before rinsing it off well with cold water, but last night I wanted some major pampering and left it on for the night. I thought this would be quite simple: apply shower cap et voila! Then the elastic in the shower cap broke. What was I meant to do??? I had a flash of inspiration and grabbed the cling film. Which turned out to be rubbish.

Rubbish cling film.

It would not stick at all to my slimy head! The day was saved by my ingenious mother, who tied a plastic bag on my head (just around the hairline, not the neck lol) which I secured with clips and left well alone for the night.

Snooze :)

Next morning, I rinsed out the mask really thoroughly, then used a little shampoo to make sure there was no residue, a little of my normal conditioner on the ends, and finished with my trusty TommyGuns Weather Protect Dew Drops (£7.00 from Waitrose, but well worth it). I never blow dry or straighten my hair so it was left to its own devices while I went to college, until I noticed the smell! It was like I'd just stepped out of the salon, and I have literally not stopped touching my hair all day! This mask really does work, and I will definitely be using this technique again - maybe with a better shower cap next time :).

Some photos of the results:

What are your go to hair savers? Would also love to hear some feedback on my new posts.

Lots of Love,
Krystyna x

Sunday, November 27


Evening Beauties!

Two posts in one day, what's going on? Well I just wanted to show off these gorgeous Shu Uemera eyelashes, as they don't get out enough, and it's such a shame to keep them shut away in a drawer!

 Here they are close-up :) On the left here is one of the Goldglam Leaf Lashes which were part of a collection last year and cost something ridiculous like £70! Not for me though... I snatched this pair up on eBay, complete with glue for £18 (I think. It was a while ago). I last wore them as part of my Hallowe'en make-up, where I did a peacock effect on one eye - details on that when I have a spare few hours :p.

These are the Dazzling Black Diamante eyelashes, which are currently available to buy at £18.50, the same price as the pair below. Again, I cheated by buying them on eBay, and managed to get both pairs for £25 (not including p+p). As I haven't worn them yet, I'm definitely glad I didn't pay full price! I'm sure I will very soon, as the black diamante detail across the lash band is so pretty.

I've seen these Black Velvet Feather lashes a lot on other blogs, and I'm so glad I bought them as they're sooooooo soft. Seriously think that if I wear them I'll just have my eyes shut for the whole time, or do something weird like stroke my face up against other people just so they can feel it too (sharing is caring). Ahem.

So anyway, this is my lash collection, but I hardly ever wear them! I need more opportunities to show them off. I know that eyelashes can be fiendishly difficult to put on properly without practice, which can put some people off - until now.

Picture from e.l.f. website

This is the Hollywood lash kit from e.l.f., which I saw on Lauren's blog originally, and fell for completely! Seriously, a work of genius. It contains a pair of lashes, an applicator, lash glue and a lash stand, all for just £3.50, and is definitely on my wish list.

What's the best beauty buy you've made on eBay?

Lots of Love,
Krystyna x

Series: Blush, Bronzer and Highlighter Part One

Hi Beauties, having a good weekend?

I thought I'd do a post today on my collection of blushers, bronzers and highlighters, as these are something every girl has in her make-up bag. However, I then had second thoughts, as I realised it would be another super long post! So I'm splitting it into three parts, with the first being on blushers.

I'm very pale, so these products may not suit you, but they are all fantastic quality and widely available in different shades. Enjoy!

Top row, left to right: Nars The Multiple in Orgasm; No7 Natural Radiance Highlighter; Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Mosaic; 17 Instant Glow Broning Powder in Light.
Bottom row, left to right: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat in Shade 1; Topshop Bronzer in Radiance 1; Benefit Thrrrob; YSL Palette Pink Celebration   

Nars The Multiple in Orgasm (£29.00) and Benefit thrrrob (£23.50)

As you may be able to tell from its rather shabby appearance, thrrrob is my my everyday blusher, and I adore it!  This has lasted me ages (at least a year), so at £23.50 it is good value for money. I tend to use my Nars one more on special occasions/for going out, as it's slightly more shimmery. I'd heard so much about this before I bought it, and whilst it is fantastic, I can't help remembering there are budget products that do the same thing for a lot less than £29! 

 Swatches: With flash on the left, without flash on the right

In the pan: Without flash on the left, with on the right - look how shiny Orgasm is! Definitely not a day look...

Hope you found this worth reading, I would love to hear some comments!
Lots of Love, 
Krystyna x

Prices are correct for 27th November 2011.