Friday, January 20

MUA Haul

Hi Beauties!

I have been absolutely swamped with college work for the past two weeks (why do they set all the assignments at once?) which left me way too exhausted to even think about blogging, so I'm really sorry I've been absent! Remember I mentioned a MUA order I made way back before Christmas? Well it finally turned up 8 days after I was told it would, and almost 3 weeks after payment, so having paid £2.95 for First Class postage, I am not at all happy with their website. I was also really surprised that they did not contact me at all, not even sending an order confirmation message, which is strange, as they had sent me 4 e-mails about my previous order.

Anyway, rant over. I will be buying their products again as they are fantastic value, but not through the website! I thought I'd show you what I bought displayed on my essay chair, as that's where I've been spending most of my time recently!

 It's a lovely little Victorian or Georgian nursery chair, so comfortable, and luckily, the fabric almost perfectly matches the gold toned eyeshadow I bought!

Pearl eyeshadow in Shade 29 (£1)

 No flash on the left, with flash on the right (throughout the post)

I can see this becoming my go to product for nights out, as I love rocking a golden eye. The glitter is intense, and although there is a bit of fall out, it's to be expected at this price.

Glitter Eyeliner in Shade 2 (£1)

This was a lot less full than I was expecting it to be: you only get half a tube. I think that's a bit cheeky, even at this price. It is so pretty though! I saw it on Rebecca's blog, in a Christmas eyes post and couldn't resist, seeing as Chanel is a bit out of my price range at the moment!


These were so difficult to take pictures of! I mean, I know I only use an iPhone camera, but the glitter just throws light all over the place.  The liner is towards the bottom of the photo, with the eyeshadow at the top.

Lipsticks - Bare Shade 14 and Shade 3 (£1 each)

 Shade 3 is on the left, Bare Shade 14 on the right

These shades are so natural I'm sure I'll be wearing them every day. They're also really moisturising, which is fantastic as Barry M lipsticks, which I posted about here, can be a bit hit and miss. However, they are very sheer, especially Shade 3. Here are the swatches:

I had to swipe several times to build up the colour, but I think the result is worth it :)

Out There Plumping Lipglosses  - Candy Pink and Peach Shimmer (£2 each)

 Peach Shimmer is on the left and Candy Pink is on the right

It has to be said that I don't really see any major plumping effects after applying this, despite an almost spicy tingling sensation. The colour payoff is good though, and leaves lips shiny but not sticky. You can see in the swatches that they're both blue based, ideal for my horrendously pale complexion!

If you are mathematically inclined, you may notice that the little lot above adds up to £8 exactly, which meant I received a free Immaculate palette! As I already have one, I'm going to leave this new one in immaculate condition (sorry, couldn't resist :p) to include in a giveaway at some point.

Anyone still reading? Bit of a long post, I know... Anyway, I have many more lined up, so I won't leave it so long next time! Please comment below, feedback is alwasy welcome :)

Lots of Love,
Krystyna x


  1. I love these swatches! SO pretty i need them all! I love your blog btw, came across it earlier. I am now following :)

  2. Thanks so much lovely! Yours is so good too, I don't think you can imagine how jealous I am that you live in NY! We should def do a make-up swap sometime xx