Sunday, March 18

MASSIVE Apology :(

O Hai there Beauties...

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I'm really, really, incredibly sorry I haven't posted in yonks; I'm a poor excuse for a beauty blogger right? Basically, I've had a lot of college work, no inspiration for blogging, builders doing an extension at home etc... and I've been honing my procrastination skills to a fine art.Which means I'm really behind with asssignments.

Anyway, I haven't forgotten you, and was absolutely thrilled to see I'd reached 50 followers last week! Rest assured I will be rewarding you for your loyalty asap (is it just me, or does that sound weirdly dictator-ish?!). In the mean time, if you want to aid me in my delay tactics, I've just discovered Drawsomething, so add me: Krystynarina :)

Being terribly attractive at college

Lots of love,
Krystyna xx


  1. I have just discovered this game TWO days ago! I LOVE it, I have just added you! But I apologise in advance I am rubbish!!!!