Wish List!

All the gorgeous products I adore, but may not ever have... A girl can always dream, right?

OPI 'I Lily Love You' Nail Lacquer

Look how gorgeous it is! Perfect crystalline glitter, light strawberry pink colour... *sigh*

Clinique Chubby Stick Candy Gift Set

So cute! So mini! I bought one of these a few months ago in Woppin' Watermelon (3rd from the left), but I seem to have mislaid it...

UPDATE: Found it! In the bottom of a rarely used handbag... but still want the rest of these :p

MUA Eyeshadow Singles

Just read Miss Holly's latest post, and she has well and truly convinced me that I NEED ALL OF THESE IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW! 
Now, they are only £1 each, so that's not exactly extravagant, but if I get all of them, and a few palettes to put them in for space saving (thanks to Charlotte for the inspiration:)), it does turn into a bit of an investment. Hmmm. Maybe I need to ask for Superdrug vouchers for Christmas...

Andrea Fulerton Glitter Puff Dusts and Overcoat

The idea behind these is that you puff the tube of glitter over wet nail varnish, then finish with the topcoat included for a super glossy look; no cheap glitter polish that never dries properly, better coverage and I think they'll offer better control. I love glitter <3 :)

Travolo Excel


Into which  you decant your favourite perfumes for no more broken bottle/"my handbag and its entire contents smell lovely but what about me" heartache! A brilliant idea, especially if they live up to their no spills promise. Thankyou to Sian for introducing me!

Clinique High Impact Lip Colour

I saw this in a Christmas Lips post on Hannah's blog, and fell in love with how the formula looks when applied, so moisture filled! To be honest, I think I would like every single colour from this range.

Clarisonic Classic

This is a skincare revolution, about which bloggers have been absolutely raving! There are a few different models available, but I think I would prefer the full-size Classic model. As well as cleansing thoroughly, this apparently increases the skins capacity to absorb treats.

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