Sunday, February 5

Sunday Mish-mash

Hi Beauties!

Today's post is a bit of a mixture of stuff from the past few weeks that I've wanted to share with you, but haven't felt they're really substantial enough pieces on their own. A bit like blog tapas! Hope you enjoy :)

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara - free with Elle (rrp £10)

Before: bare eyelashes
One coat
Two coats  

I'm sure all of you will have heard by now that a full-size tube of this mascara is being given away as a freebie with this month's Elle magazine; naturally I bought two, and do not regret it! I don't really think it's false-lash effect, as it claims, but this is exactly how I like my lashes to look.  Ooooh! Whilst looking this mascara up on the Boots website, I stumbled upon this: a litre sized tub of The Righteous Butter, containing diamond dust! Don't think I'll be able to resist this...

NOMM (Nails of My Mother) 
See what I did there?

With flash
Without flash

 My mum never wears make-up of any sort; occasionally she'll allow me to give her a pedicure, but she has never before let me loose on her fingernails. However, as she recently lost her job and therefore didn't need to look as professional at all times, she took me up on my offer of a manicure! She chose OPI Muppets Divine Swine layered over MUA Shade 2, and was happy with me photographing the results for all you lucky people. Its just as well really, as she has much nicer nails than me!

 Dirty Works brushes - 75% off at Sainsbury's

 Now I realise I mention Sainsbury's a lot on my blog (no, I don't work for them!), but this is purely because I cannot resist wandering over to the health and beauty aisles whenever I pop in to pick up some groceries. This meant I couldn't help but notice that they currently have cut the price of all beauty tools from Dirty Works by 75%! The lowest priced item I have seen is 49p, but I picked up these eyeshadow brushes for £1.24 each. Apparently this offer is on until 20th March, so I don't know if this is because they're being discontinued, or for another reason. Anyway, I really can't fault the quality of this brand, so I would recommend that you try to pick some of these products up; especially at this price!

Also, you may recall the palaver I had with MUA last week, where they sent me a duplicate of an order I'd made. Well I tweeted them that day, and heard nothing back after they asked for my order number, which was curious. So I tweeted them again today, and they said I could keep the products! I think they will be included in future giveaways :)

I have a uni interview in London on Wednesday, which I'm really looking forward to! I bought some boots from eBay to wear to all my interviews, so I'll do an OOTD and a FOTD when they arrive. The seller was an absolute sweetheart and refunded the P+P charge as I asked if I could collect them, but she wasn't able to do that; I was so shocked when she sent me the message, you know when people catch you completely off-guard by being lovely?

Anyway, I'm definitely rambling now! I've just been on the receiving end of so much niceness today, and I'm not tired for the first time in ages :) Hope you have all had equally good days!

Lots of love,
Krystyna x


  1. Wow those brushes from Sainsbury's are a bargain, I'll have to check them out. And your mum's nails look gorgeous, I love a bit of sparkle!

    1. Thank you very much! I'm so jealous, I can never get my nails to grow like hers :) xx

  2. Good post, love those brushes. And I love the sparkly polish ! Plus you have gorgeous eyes.

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  3. nice blog !! im your newest follower ! hope you can visit / follow me back sometime :)

  4. That colour looks lovely on your mums nails!!! :-)


  5. This is a great post, the nail design is lovely!
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  6. I really like those brushes!
    Great blog