Sunday, January 29

Sunnyside Sunday :)

Hellllllo Beauties!

I went shopping yesterday and was ecstatic to discover a Lush store at the mall! Apparently it has been open since the beginning of December, so I'm a bit out of the loop there. But anyway, since I've been blogging, I have read so much about their products (especially at Miss Holly's blog) and had been seriously lusting after some bubble bars, so guess what I picked up?

Nom nom nom nom nom

Mmmmm glitter. This is the Sunnyside bubble bar; I bought it because of the copious amounts of glitter and the citrussy smell, which is described as "a bright, sunny fragrance" on the website. The sales assistant kindly double bagged it so the glitter wouldn't migrate, as it has a tendency to do:

I didn't want to use the whole thing so I cut it in half, then got down to the serious business of bath-time! It crumbled easily and immediately began to produce plenty of bubbles. I ended up with a long-lasting pile of foam roughly the height of a kindle (I measured).

 The only thing that disappointed me about this product was the colour it turned the water. It honestly reminded me of diluted blood, like when you clean a cut - gross. However, I guess it is mainly down to the golden glitter, so I can overlook this. I just can't emphasise enough how gorgeous the glitter is! It felt like I was in the middle of a billowing cloud of magic, undergoing a Cinderella-esque transformation into beautiful princess. Now where did Prince Charming go?

Whilst planning what I was going to report back about this bar, I realised that the smell was very familiar, and not just because I'd been sniffing it all day! Then it hit me; it took me straight back 15 years to my best friend's house (god, that makes me feel old!), and the scent of Imperial Leather soap. Can anyone who's tried this confirm that?

Anyway, let's return to the glitter :). After I'd drained the water, there was a residue around the bottom of the bath as you can see below, but it was very easily rinsed away - no scrubbing required! It also hung around on my skin and hair, although fairly subtly as the glitter is so fine.

I really enjoyed my first Lush bath, and even think I can get away with using a quarter of the bar next time, which is just as well at £3.50 a go! What others do you think I should try? I've got my eye on the Happy Bubble Bar, Karma Bath Melt and Mmmelting Marshmallow  :p

Lots of love,
Krystyna x


  1. I tagged you in 11 questions hun xoxo

  2. wow look really cool!