Saturday, February 4

11 Questions Tag

Hola Beauties!

Phew, it's the weekend and we have heating again! It got turned off on Monday as we had a new boiler fitted and all the radiator pipes replaced as they were ridiculously old, so coats had to be worn at all times (even in bed). I swear it was colder in the house than it was outside.

Anyway, I am pleased to announce that Tiffeny tagged me in her 11 Questions post :) I love her blog, as she's down-to-earth and lovely, which really comes across <3. Check it out!

The Rules

  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog
  • Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  • You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
  • Go to their page and tell them you have linked him or her.
  • No tag backs.
  • No stuff in the tagging section about "You are tagged if you're reading this". You actually have to tag 11 people.

11 Things About Me

  1. I love my sleep. I managed to sleep in to 2:30pm today
  2. I work best under pressure
  3. I used to be such an emo
  4. I wanted to be a lawyer until I spent some time in court for work experience and found it horrifically dull.
  5. I am actually pleased with the passport photos I took yesterday! 
  6. I love meat (sorry veggies)
  7. My favourite item of clothing is still the pink Minnie Mouse jumper I had when I was about 3 or 4
  8. I have a very vivid imagination, and often have bizarre dreams
  9. I hate L'Oreal products for some reason. I don't even know why anymore, I just always have
  10. I once spent £1000 on make-up in under a month (thinking about it makes me feel sick)
  11. I really miss my Granny, an amazing woman. She would have been 100 this year. I wear the ring she gave me every day

Questions I Answered

  1. How many perfumes do you own?   16, of which 7 are nearly empty (post coming soon)
  2. Which colour lipstic/lipgloss do you own the most of?    Pale pink/inoffensive neutrals.
  3. What is your favourite brand of make-up?     My favourite luxury brand is definitely Chanel. However, practicality demands that I buy Rimmel more often.
  4. What is your favourite tv show?    Either Come Dine With Me or New Girl
  5. Do you have any pets?    No :( we used to have a chameleon though
  6. What do you hope to accomplish in the next year?    Getting into uni, and surviving my first year.
  7. What is the worst thing about blogging, in your opinion?     Hmmm. My experience of blogging has so far been overwhelmingly positive, which makes me pretty lucky compared with others. When reading blogs however, I abhor bad spelling and grammar (it's the teacher in me)
  8. What is your favourite time of the day?    The moment when I sip my first cup of coffee :)
  9. What kind of books do you enjoy reading?    Everything! I'm such a bookworm. One of my favourite authors, though, is Jill Mansell
  10. What is your favourite food?     Meat. All kinds of meat, except offal and lamb.
  11. Who do you live with?        My parents and my brother, at the moment

My Questions To You

  1. Do you prefer to read magazines or books?
  2. What's your favourite item of clothing?
  3. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  4. What's your favourite room in your house?
  5. Do you know any completely obscure facts?
  6. What's your favourite eye make-up look?
  7. What's the product you reach for most often?
  8. Do you prefer TOWIE or MIC?
  9. With whom do you most look forward to spending time?
  10. How many nail varnishes do you own?
  11. What your perfect day involve?

I tag:

Thanks as always for reading lovelies, thinking of doing a cheeky little giveaway if I reach 50 followers ;)

Lots of love,
Krystyna x


  1. Lovely post! Thank you for tagging me xx

  2. 1. Ah this is a tough one! I love reading celeb and beauty magazines but I also love reading books! For my degree I have to read an insane amount of books and it gets very tiring so i'm swaying towards magazines :)
    2. Probably my coat from miss selfridge at the moment as it's so cold haha! But I love wearing dresses on nights out so probably one I have from New Look that is black with embellishment at the top.
    3. When I finish Uni I would absolutely love to write for magazines, but this is obviously a very competitive field. I think anything to do with writing/publishing/beauty etc would be amazing.
    4. My favourite room in my Uni house would have to be my bedroom as it's quite big and has a double bed :) but back home I have a TINY bedroom so it would be our lounge as my parents have just redecorated it.
    5. Hmmm I once got told by a teacher that there are more planets in the universe than there are grains of sand in all the beaches in the world. I'm unsure as to whether this is true lol!
    6. Eye make up look would be shades of browns and golds as they suit my green/blue eyes.
    7. Probably my foundation to be honest, or lipbalm as my lips get so dry!
    8. I used to prefer TOWIE before I started watching MIC, now it's definately MIC all the way!! TOWIE just isn't the same without Mark, Kirk and Amy and it seems very staged. Also all it seems to be is Lydia moaning about Arg all the time!
    9. I would probably say my best friend Tara as we have known each other for around 10 years. Or my family of course :)
    10. Not that many to be honest, maybe 5 or 6?
    11. That's a tricky one! Maybe something like going shopping finding the perfect outfit then going out clubbing and meeting the perfect guy? haha! xxx