Monday, January 2

Pearly Whites

Happy New Year Beauties!

How's your 2012 so far? I really haven't been up to much recently, apart from trying to recover from hangovers and the lovely cold my mother gave me for Christmas. Even though I didn't go out on New Years, I did feel the need to paint my nails shiny colours (in true beauty addict style), so here's a little photo of my NOTN, featuring Chanel Peche Nacree with an accent of Barry M Gold Foil.

It is of course that time of year where everyone (including me) is regretting previous excesses, and making all sorts of resolutions to change for the better; I've decided to keep mine quite simple: to actually use my gym membership, and to drink more water. As well as these however, I have set myself a little challenge to try and improve the whiteness of my teeth. I haven't been happy with them for a while, and after seeing a photo from a night out, I realised I had to do something. This is probably not going to be easy. For one thing, I love red wine and coffee too much to give them up!

Can I get my teeth to match these beauties?
In Sainsburys this morning though, I noticed that Oral B electric toothbrushes were half price, so I picked up this Professional Care 2000 (I paid £39.99) with some Pearl Drops Now Smile! toothpaste (£3.29). Having never had an electric toothbrush before, I'm hoping this will make a difference.

Obviously this will be an ongoing project (can I call brushing my teeth a project?!). I think I'll post weekly pictures of me doing my best Cheshire Cat impression on a special page, starting with this one!

See how yellow the bottom row is?
Wish me luck!

Lots of Love,
Krystyna x


  1. love the blog!

    you're so pretty <3

    now following you! follow me back hun?

  2. Haha your comment really made me laugh. I will try and master that nose twitch ASAP! And that is such a good theory about the singing and the kissing! I will no longer feel embarrased to admit I do not know the words!

    Good luck with the water and gym and the teeth mission! You must keep me informed! I also hate the colour of my teeth and would love to hear how it goes for you! I had an electric toothbrush from santa!

    P.S. I love that gold nail varnish!!!!