Sunday, January 22

NOTD: Pink Diva

Ahoy Beauties!

I want to show you the polishes I bought yesterday whilst dashing around Sainsburys; nothing special, just a little bit of colour to brighten up this dreary weather we're having at the moment! They're both MaxFactor Max Effect Minis, available for £3.99.

These are actual size! From left to right is Pink Diva (12) and Diva Coral (09)

I think these polishes are quite good quality, as they apply smoothly and don't chip as soon as you do anything. However, you can see in the above left photo that the colour can be fairly streaky so they do need 3 or 4 coats for full opacity. I have heard people complain about the size of the bottle, but I hate waste and I've never used up a nail varnish, so for me, the size is a plus! It also means I can store more bottles in the same space, and with over 30 shades listed on the Boots website, I'm very tempted to try out some more :)

I haven't been doing much at all today, just catching up on beauty vlogs and blogs, and playing Temple Run! I installed it this morning and have been playing non-stop, it's so addictive. How have your weekends been?

Lot of love, 
Krystyna x

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  1. I was checking out some of their polished in Superdrug yesterday and am tempted to go back and buy a bottle, they do some really stunning shades ATM.


  2. those shades are really nice! i might have to have a look:) i have given you the versatile blogger award! you can go to my blog for all the information!xoxo