Friday, October 28

My First Entry...

Well Beauties here goes!

I've decided to join the blogosphere after reading all my fellow more! Beauty Hot 100er's lovely blogs, and getting really jealous! To be honest, I'm not sure I'll have much time to regularly update this, between college and volunteering at school etc, but I promise I'll try my hardest ;). And I may as well start now...

O.P.I Nail Lacquers - The Muppets Glitter Collection


Yep, that's right, Muppets nail varnish! But now in partnership with the sophistication of O.P.I so it's not too primary school (is it?!). I have to say that I bought this set on eBay, and wasn't actually aware of such a collaboration until I stumbled across it whilst looking for other nail goodies. However, I was instantly drawn to it, obvs by the Muppet element (life-long fan girl!) and the fantastic range of colours!

O.P.I is renowned for their cute and clever product names, and this range does not disappoint, with:
  • Gettin' Miss Piggy With It - a vibrant red glitter with larger specks of silver
  • Excuse Moi! - a brilliant tutti-frutti pink loaded with multi-coloured glitter
  • Divine Swine - lush purple glitter also with larger specks of silver (am I right in thinking this is mosaic effect?)
  • Gone Gonzo - Light, sky blue and silver glitter
  • Fresh Frog of Bel Air - glittery Kermit green, pepped up with silver 
And finally, the reason I wanted these polishes in the first place -
  • Rainbow Connection - this looks amazing in the bottle; literally a rainbow of glitter, mixed in with the collection's standard silver specks.
When the package arrived, I tore it open instantly to drool over my new goodies, and couldn't resist doing tester nails. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of these as my phone recently died (lost at sea/in the bath), but if any readers are interested in one in the future, please comment! Anyway, after testing, Excuse Moi! emerged as the new favourite, as it is the only one with coloured varnish; the rest are glitter suspended in a clear polish, which can make it hard to get good coverage. The big disappointment was Rainbow Connection, as the glitter was even more patchy than the other shades. So, all in all, I think these would best used as top-coats, and although they're lovely, I'm glad I didn't spend full price on them.

Whew! Done. Please feel free to comment, I'll take all the pointers I can get! :)

Loads of love
Krystyna x


  1. Hiya welcome to the world of blogging! (I'm new here too!) Great first post! I would love to see what these look like on the nail *hint hint*
    loadsa love, Vicky xx

  2. Haha! Yes, will definitely put up photos when I can. Thanks Vicky! x

  3. I'm also fairly new to blogging and would love to see what these gorgeous colours look like on nails!
    Great Post :)

  4. wow!! you bought the whole set?! how much did that cost you dear?!!?
    :') I'd like to see allll of them! I lalaloveee shiny nailvarnishes... But I'm always scared of putting them on because I can never get them off!! xxx

  5. Just the glitters Mariella :p. I got them from ebay for just under £38 - quite a bargain for 6 OPI nail varnishes, non? I now have my nail art wheels and have catalogued my whole collection 8-), but have no camera! Grrr x